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Fic: Double Date Trouble

Double Date Trouble
PG-13; KyuMin, KyungMyeon; Fluff/Romance/Crack
AU. Kyuhyun and Junmyeon plan a double date. Sungmin and Kyungsoo make sure to prepare for the worst, including bringing enough money for their own dinner and cab ride home.
For Anna <3

'It's a great idea!' Kyuhyun enthused.

Sungmin stared before slapping him on the shoulder. 'It's a terrible idea,' he deadpans.

Kyungsoo tugs on his arms, not liking the way Sungmin was glaring at the other two and whispered in his ear. 'Maybe it won't be so bad hyung.'

It was almost naive how Kyungsoo still believed in his boyfriend and Sungmin stopped himself from uttering a coo. He cleared his throat and patted Kyungsoo's hand carefully. 'You have no idea.' He tugged Kyungsoo just a little further out of the living room, away from the other two distressed men, boys, he amended and whispered urgently. 'Kyungsoo this will not go well. Trust me, I've been to one of these. It's as boring as fuck.'

'But they promised to stay with us,' Kyungsoo's eyes flitted over to the pair arguing in the living room. 'They promised. Junmyeon hyung doesn't lie to me.'

Sungmin almost melted visibly at his distressed expression. He couldn't abandon Kyungsoo to a whole day of boredom with no one to keep him company. Pulling Kyungsoo back into the living room and pinching his nose bridge in exasperation, he held up an exasperated hand when Junmyeon opened his mouth excitedly. 'You will only spend a maximum of five hours there. You will spend a minimum of an hour with us in the event. You will buy us both the dinner of our choice at the end of the day. You will have to be docile and obedient for the rest of the week and you will plan a better double date than this the next time you two geniuses decide to put your heads together. Am I clear?'

Kyuhyun opened his mouth stupidly while Junmyeon threw him a mildly terrified glance. 'Min, I - '

'I said,' Sungmin said pleasantly with eyes flashing dangerously. 'Am I clear?'

The two furiously nodded.

Kyungsoo stood still in amazement. He tugged on Sungmin's sleeve again and the older man turned to him, the scary expression slipped off his face almost immediately. 'You have to teach me that someday.'

Junmyeon paled visibly and Kyuhyun nodded sympathetically.

Sungmin smacked his palm into his face.


'Just remember that whatever happens today Kyungsoo, this was your idea to go along with it,' Sungmin hissed desperately into Kyungsoo's ear as they strolled up to the venue, hand in hand with their respective boyfriends.

'I don't think it's going to be that … bad …,' Kyungoo trailed off as the huge complex came into sight.

Sungmin had to physically grip onto Kyuhyun's hand to keep him from running on and Kyungsoo felt a similar tugging on his hand. He swallowed hard. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. It was like parenting two particularly agitated kids.

The words 'Seoul's Biggest Gaming Convention in 2013' stared right back at him in neon yellow letters, searing into his eyes and imprinting on his retinas and he wondered if it was too late to just turn around and demand that they go watch a movie instead. He figured Sungmin could probably carry the both of them single handed but then he looked at Junmyeon, whose face was lit up brilliantly as he gestured and spoke in geek speak with Kyuhyun and he sighed.

Sungmin patted his shoulder comfortingly. 'You'll learn young one.' Once bitten, forever shy.

Junmyeon tugged at his hand, squeezing it gently. 'Thank you.'

Kyungsoo sniffed. 'I want the most expensive pasta you can buy for me later.'


Kyungsoo watched as Sungmin smacked Kyuhyun over the head before melting as Kyuhyun gave him a kiss on the cheek and pulled him in by the waist.

This was going to be a long day.


After they'd paid their entrance fee, Kyungsoo was taken aback by the sheer amount of people walking around in geek costumes. There were Greek warriors, aliens, pirates, roaming nomads it seemed, roaming pirates, Greek aliens, after awhile all of the people seemed to blur together and he pressed closer to Junmyeon.

'This was such a bad idea.'

'Was it?' Junmyeon looked at him worriedly and bit his lip, hand squeezing his just a little bit harder.

Kyungsoo looked at him for a long while, taking in his furrowed eyebrows and the little jumps his eyes made as he fought to keep his eyes on Kyungsoo and look at all the different booths surrounding them at the same time. He sighed after a long breath, 'No.'

Junmyeon lit up with happiness and tugged Kyungsoo onto the next booth before dropping his hand to peruse the merchandise.

'Liar,' Sungmin whispered into his ear with a big grin on his face.

'Well what am I supposed to do?' Kyungsoo cried. 'I can't tell him that his stupid games suck and bore me to hell. I still want a boyfriend in my life!'

'Sure you can,' Sungmin shrugged. 'Watch me.' He stopped walking in the middle of the aisle, causing a huge pile up of people and costumes alike around himself and Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun simply shrank back into himself as Kyungsoo watched curiously and Sungmin wore a pleased look on his face.

'Here we go again,' Kyuhyun muttered. He looked as if he was considering if he had time to bolt away into the crowd but Sungmin left no time for him to do so.

Sungmin opened his mouth. 'Cho Kyuhyun you are the worst boyfriend in the world and this is a stupid convention!' He shrieked at the top of his voice before closing his mouth and grinning at the stunned pair frozen before him.

Kyuhyun sighed and slouched over, slinging an arm around Sungmin's shoulder before pulling him in and pressing a soft kiss to his temple. The catcalls around them were thunderous and someone yelled out, 'An astounding ten out of ten!'. Joonmyun looked around confusedly.

'Are they … scoring you?'

'Oh yeah,' Kyuhyun snorted as they ambled up to them. 'Sungmin hyung does this every time I bring him to the convention. We are now known as 'that couple with the hot bitchy half'. Hyung wouldn't stop talking about it for weeks because he was so proud.'

'But - but - '

'I told you there was a way to express your displeasure,' Sungmin grinned and ruffled Kyungsoo's hair.

'Please don't,' Junmyeon choked out.

'Junmyeon hyung,' Kyungsoo high fived Sungmin. 'I think I'm going to start loving your game conventions.'

Junmyeon whimpered pitifully in the background.

Kyuhyun patted his back. 'Man up Junmyeon, you'll get used to it after the third time.'


Their boyfriends had more than happily left them in the refreshment area after their allocated hour of mandatory accompaniment was up and Sungmin lounged while chatting casually with Kyungsoo. At least they had each other to pass the time with. They bought some hotdogs and sat down, chatting amicably about what little they knew about the games that their boyfriends played.

Some adventurous guys had tried to sidle up to them and chat them up but Sungmin had scattered them all with a single glance that was as hard as steel when one had tried to hold Kyungsoo's hand.

Kyungsoo was falling all over his feet in awe. He had found a new role model. Bye Yoo Young Jin. Lee Sungmin was the new man.

It had seemed like forever before the boys were back, guiltily trying to hide their bags behind their back. Sungmin sighed exasperatedly. He was dating a five year old. But he scowled and pawed fondly through the bags and clicked his tongue at Kyuhyun when he pulled out more gaming keyboard. Kyuhyun had simply smiled sheepishly and pressed a kiss to Sungmin's cheek with every new item he pulled out.

Junmyeon's bag was considerably smaller but Kyungsoo was certain he would never understand the need to spend money on two games that looked exactly the same except for the - 'But Kyungsoo! Look! It's the expansion pack with two new characters,' Junmyeon had blabbered on excitedly and Kyungsoo had simply dropped it back into the bag.

Sungmin excused himself to go to the bathroom and Kyuhyun turned to Kyungsoo, grinning. 'So did you have fun?'

'Well,' Kyungsoo thought and recalled the long amusing story Sungmin had told him about the time Kyuhyun had forgotten their anniversary and Sungmin had sulked for days before Kyuhyun had finally serenaded him into passive submission. 'Yeah. Yeah I did.'

'But - ,' he added as the pair moved to speak and he watched from the corner of his eye as Sungmin returned, weaving through the crowd. 'We are never doing this again.'

Sungmin laughed, hiding his mouth behind his hand as he looped his arm around Kyuhyun's. Junmyeon sagged visibly before lacing their fingers together and beaming as Kyungsoo leaned into his touch.

'Let's go get some pasta.'

They waved goodbye to the couple, watching them walk off with an intimate arm around each other's waists.

Kyungsoo sighed. It had been 100% of a good day, he reckoned. At least he got to have some nice hangout time.

'I bet you'd look hot if you dressed up as a Diablo Demon Huntress Min.'

Okay, that Kyungsoo could have lived without hearing.

85% of a good day then.

A/N: I don't even know anymore lmao. This was nothing like I had imagined
Tags: !fanfiction, fandom: exo, fandom: super junior, pairing: junmyeon/kyungsoo, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin
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