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Fic: Second Childhood; Ten

Second Childhood; Ten
NC-17; EunHae; Fluff/Romance
They met just as little boys do, over action figurines and imaginary explosions. What they don't expect is for it to last.

A/N: Part two of a double update, make sure you read the previous chapter first! ^^ Unbeta-d. Sorry but the fluff kinda spilled over here.

So that's what this morning was about,' Donghae said amusedly. 'What did hyung make you do?'

Hyukjae shut and locked the door of their room tiredly, having just waved off the other three. Sungmin had dragged them out under the pretence that Hyukjae and Donghae wanted a simple date night to himself and pushed them out the door. Their protests went unheeded and Sungmin had shouted them down with the promise of a convenience store that sold alcohol without restraint to anyone who looked old enough. Kyuhyun had been the first one to bolt out the door. Sungmin had to forcibly wrangle Yunho through before shutting the door firmly behind him.

'You have three hours,' Sungmin mouthed to Hyukjae and Hyukjae raised his fingers in a silent salute of thanks.

He turned to face Donghae, who came to him and rested his head on his chest. 'I basically just sold my soul to pay for the rest of our food,' he said sadly.

Donghae's head snapped up so fast Hyukjae barely avoided getting a black eye. 'Oh my god. You do know that the three of them eat enough to feed a small town right?'

'I know,' Hyukjae sighed. 'I'm hoping the food we brought might last us until the fourth day at the very least.'

'We'll go halves at least, I can't let you pay for it all.'

'Don't worry about it, hey, I said don't worry,' Hyukjae tilted his chin up, looking intently at him. 'Look at me. Don't think about it okay?' He walked the both of them slowly to the bed and sitting them down. 'Let's just make the most of the time that we've got.'

'Okay,' Donghae fingered the frayed end of his shirt nervously. He couldn't stop fidgeting and shifting anxiously, causing Hyukjae to frown at him.

'Are you okay? We don't have to do this if you - '

'No, I want to,' Donghae blurted out. 'I just - I don't know.'

Hyukjae drew him to sit between his knees, back to his front and he rested his chin on Donghae's shoulder. 'You don't have to if you don't want to, if you're scared to.'

Donghae closed his eyes. He wasn't scared. He was more excited than scared at this point. But there was still insecurity and that underlying tension of nervousness. What if it wasn't everything he'd expected their first time to be? What if he wasn't good at it? Or maybe it was going to hurt. But he took a deep breath, 'I'm not.'

Turning his head, Hyukjae pressed soft kisses across Donghae's neck and up to his jaw. He laved his tongue slightly across the path he'd just kissed, swallowing hard as Donghae moaned softly. Willing his wakening erection down, or to at least slow down, Hyukjae bit experimentally at the juncture where Donghae's neck and shoulder met. He'd left hickeys on Donghae before, but by only sucking gently. He bit down a little bit harder, gasping as Donghae moaned just that little bit louder.

'Donghae,' he said hoarsely. 'Donghae.'

'Hyukjae,' Donghae echoed, leaning back into Hyukjae while baring his neck and whimpering. 'Hyukjae please.'

'You have to be sure,' Hyukjae tried clearing his throat but his voice came out hoarser than ever and he stroked down Donghae's sides carefully. 'Donghae, I can't - you have to be sure because I don't think I can stop myself anymore.' He bit down harder this time, licking over the area and sucking alternately and Donghae moaned for the third time, the loudest so far and Hyukjae felt his stomach drop in anticipation and want.

'God stop me now if you don't want this.'

Donghae panted, his head still tilted at an impossible angle. His hands came up to grasp at Hyukjae's hands, linking their fingers together. 'I want you,' he tilted his head backwards this time, reaching for Hyukjae as he kissed him. The kiss was hot but unhurried, pouring their love for each other in that kiss. They kissed languidly for some time, unwilling to separate even as the cold air seemed to prick at their warm skin. Donghae pressed the cold ends of his fingers into Hyukjae's jaw, soaking in the warmth and pressing closer.

Pulling away, Hyukjae lay them down on the bed before they fell over, bracing his weight on his arms so he wouldn't crush Donghae. Clothes were shed unhurriedly, and they took their time to run their fingers over the expanse of skin revealed. It wasn't the first time they saw each other topless but Hyukjae traced the faint outline of Donghae's abs over and over again, fascinated by the way his muscles quivered under his touch. His throat went dry when they were both fully naked and he had to pause for a moment to catch his breath. Hyukjae leaned down to press a kiss to Donghae's closed eyes. 'Don't close your eyes.' He waited until Donghae opened them timidly before speaking again, 'I think you're beautiful.'

Donghae blinked shyly before knocking Hyukjae's arms out from under him and pulling him down for a kiss. The movement had Hyukjae stretched out fully over Donghae's body and they both groaned simultaneously as their erections brushed.

'I think you're beautiful too.' Hyukjae smiled and poked at Donghae's blush fondly. 'I - I have lube in my backpack in the corner.' Hyukjae stared at Donghae in amazement and made no move to get up. Impatient, Donghae whined just that little bit more. 'Don't look at me like that. I knew I wanted to have sex with you so I - I made plans.'

'All prepared I see,' Hyukjae rolled off and went to dig through his backpack. Donghae watched him appreciatively, eyeing the lean line of muscle down his back and legs. 'You must really want me.'

'I do,' Donghae's honest answer had Hyukjae's eyes softening and crawling back over him. 'I trust you.'

'I read up over the internet,' Hyukjae confessed.

His words had Donghae giggling and agreeing to doing it himself too and they grinned at each other. Hyukjae uncapped the new bottle, slowly dripping liberal amounts of the cool liquid on his fingers. He knew it was too much but he really didn't want to hurt Donghae. He glanced up at Donghae for another confirmation before gingerly sliding his index finger in to the first knuckle.

Donghae sucked in a sharp breath and his hands clenched on Hyukjae's shoulders. Hyukjae hurriedly peppered his face with kisses to calm him down and Donghae tried smiling to reassure Hyukjae. 'More.'

He pushed his finger in all the way, curling it slowly as he watched Donghae's face contort in both pain and pleasure. Sliding a knee between Donghae's legs, Hyukjae slowly pushed them apart, waiting for Donghae's nod before he pushed a second finger in. Before long, he had three fingers in Donghae, looking on in awe as Donghae whined in pleasure. Purely on instinct, he curled his fingers, choking just a little as he saw Donghae literally arch off the bed.

Hyukjae was pretty sure he was babbling nonsensical sentences about love and Donghae's gorgeousness as he leaned over to seal their mouths together, brushing his lips over Donghae's sweaty brow and kissing him deeply. His tongue wrapped around Donghae's and Donghae whined again, pressing as close as he could. Somehow, Donghae had gotten his hands on the lube bottle Hyukjae had discarded on the bed and was slowly slicking Hyukjae up, albeit with shaky hands.

'Am I doing this right?' Donghae asked and Hyukjae groaned, resting his head against Donghae's, his entire body shuddering at the feeling of Donghae's hands on him. He withdrew his fingers from Donghae slowly, his hand going to grasp over Donghae's.

'You're perfect, baby.' He leaned down to stroke Donghae a couple of times too, smiling when Donghae's hands stalled over his erection, jerky and nervous. 'You okay so far?'

Donghae nodded, turning to press a kiss to Hyukjae's forearm still currently resting by his head.

Slightly more frantic and tense at this point, Hyukjae knocked Donghae's hands away before leaning down to press a wet kiss to Donghae's chest. Donghae hummed, his hands jerking on his stomach as he takes a deep breath, preparing himself. He was no less nervous or excited than Hyukjae, perhaps more, but he trusted his boyfriend not to hurt him more than needed.

Hyukjae bit his lip as he positioned himself at Donghae's entrance, gingerly breaching it as he pushed forward slowly. He felt Donghae's body shudder around him and he had to restrain himself from just shoving his way into Donghae's body, clenching his fists tightly. Carefully, he pushed forward. Donghae's hand had flown up to grip at his and Hyukjae linked their fingers together, squeezing his hand gently, reassuring him. Soon, Donghae's grip on his hand was what controlled him. When Donghae squeezed just that little bit tighter, Hyukjae made sure to slow down. It was only when Donghae's grip relaxed that he dared to push in just that little bit faster until he was fully sheathed in Donghae.

He kissed Donghae hungrily, panting into his mouth as he felt Donghae respond tiredly. 'Hae?' He licked at the seam of Donghae's mouth. 'Hae you okay?' He cupped his chin worriedly.

Donghae growled, the sound taking Hyukjae aback. 'Hyukjae, if you ask me that one more time, you're going to be the one on your back the next time we have sex.' He shifted uncomfortably. It hurt a little bit, but Hyukjae had gone so slowly that the pain had more or less faded by now. Besides, when his boyfriend was taking so much care of him, what was a little pain?

Hyukjae chuckled, kissing him deeply again and flicking his tongue against the roof of Donghae's mouth as he listened to his boyfriend moan. 'You're so snarky when you're turned on.' He groaned as Donghae moved his butt and Donghae smirked.

It was his turn to moan as Hyukjae shifted above him, his trapped erection finally get some friction and he wiggled his hips just a little bit more. 'Can you move now?' He broke off into a long moan as Hyukjae bit down on his neck again, leaving another red mark. 'Hyukjae please.' Hyukjae ignored him, fighting his own urge to thrust blindly and he focused on Donghae's neck, focused on making him beg. He trailed his fingers up and down Donghae's arm, marvelling at how the muscles shook and trembled and he licked a path across Donghae's collarbones. 'Plea - please!' Donghae grabbed at him as he sank his teeth into the area above his collarbone, instinctively digging his heels into Hyukjae's back and Hyukjae broke.

Growling as he braced his arms by Donghae's head again, Hyukjae snapped his hips forward, again and again, driving Donghae further up the bed with his thrusts. Hyukjae thought he was beautiful. His hair was plastered across his forehead and his lips were bruised a pretty red. His chest was heaving with his panting and his nails were digging into Hyukjae's shoulders but Hyukjae thought he was the most beautiful thing on the planet. The bed creaked but they barely heard it over the low sounds of their voices repeating each other's names like it was the only word they knew.

'Donghae,' Hyukjae breathed out, his breath stuttering. 'Donghae look at me.'

It was an effort, but Donghae fought to keep his eyes from closing in hazy pleasure and looked at Hyukjae.

'Donghae, I love you. I love you so much.'

Donghae felt like he couldn't breathe. He felt like his heart was expanding and crushing his lungs. 'I love you too, Hyukjae. More than anything.'

He dug his heels in further, forcing Hyukjae in deeper and Hyukjae dropped his head in shock, growling low in his throat as he came. Donghae gasped at the warm feeling in him, his eyes still so clouded by pleasure that he didn't realise Hyukjae had formed a circle with his hand around his cock. He thrusted up, into the tight circle, impatiently and quickly, babbling out Hyukjae's name repeatedly. He could feel it building up, low in his belly and he thrusted up faster, as the need for release overtook him.

He loved him, he loved him, he loved him, he loved Hyukjae.

Donghae closed his eyes and screamed, coming hot and white over Hyukjae's hand.

Hyukjae pulled out shakily and fell on his side next to Donghae. He wiped his hand exhaustedly on the bedspread, smiling at Donghae. Donghae threw his hand over his eyes, breathing heavily even as he felt his throat constrict, raw from the screaming.


Donghae turned, as slowly as he could. 'Hey you.'

'How - how was it?' Hyukjae asked uncertainly. 'I mean, it was good for me but - '

'It was good for me too.'

'Awesome,' Hyukjae grinned and closed the gap between them to kiss Donghae again.


They were woken up by a noisy banging on their room door and Hyukjae stirred uneasily. They had finally gotten to sleep after a time of whispering and giggling. Their relationship had been taken to a new level that night and he'd much appreciate it if they could be left in peace to relive the night's orgasms. The cool air felt sticky to his skin and he gently shook Donghae awake.

Donghae moaned again and Hyukjae felt his cock twitch at the sound. Now was not the time for his libido to wake up again.

He left Donghae to sleep and slid out from under Donghae carefully, pulling the blanket up to cover him before pulling on a shirt and boxers.

Yanking the door open, Hyukjae snarled, 'What?'

Kyuhyun blinked innocently at him. 'We just thought you might like some dinner, or did you guys have something to eat already?' He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and Hyukjae restrained his need to punch something.

Hyukjae gritted his teeth and smiled pleasantly, 'We're not hungry.'

'Oh is Donghae sleeping? Were you guys tired already at,' Kyuhyun checked his watch. 'Nine at night?'

Hyukjae heard growling and muffled sounds of a struggle and he looked past Kyuhyun confusedly. The sight of a struggling Yunho on the sofa with a gag in his mouth was not what he expected to see and he snickered at Sungmin currently sitting on and restraining Yunho. 'That looks interesting.'

Kyuhyun flicked his arm. 'Don't change the subject.'

Yunho spat out his gag and Sungmin pinched his arm. He yelped and then howled, 'Hyukjae's wearing Donghae's shirt.' He fought to get out from under Sungmin but Sungmin simply used his weight against him. 'That little - '

Hyukjae backed away gingerly. Okay that was a problem. How did Yunho even know? He glanced back into his room. Maybe he could bolt the door and hide in the room until their little holiday was over. The noise seemed to have awoken Donghae and he padded up behind Hyukjae, nose nuzzling into his back as he peered outside. He had pulled the blanket off the bed and around him, covering up his body. 'What's going on?'

'Donghae,' Yunho howled again. 'What did Hyukjae do to you?'

'Oh shit,' Donghae's eyes widened. 'Yunho hyung knows.'

'Yeah, no shit Sherlock,' Kyuhyun snorted. 'Congratulations on the sex by the way.'

Donghae squeaked, hiding his face in Hyukjae's back. Hyukjae smacked his palm into his face. 'Who told him?'

'You guys weren't exactly subtle,' Sungmin rolled his eyes. 'We hadn't even left the porch before the moaning started. And Yunho hyung came back to get his phone, we didn't stop him in time.'

Hyukjae reached out to strangle Kyuhyun but he dodged surprisingly nimbly. 'Hey! At least we managed to drag him out of the house after that.'

Yunho growled again from the sofa and Hyukjae simply backed into the room and shut the door, turning the lock.

Donghae stared at him as he turned, 'How long do you think we can stay in here?'

'Oh I think we can stay in here for a maximum of a day. But I want to stay in here for the rest of my life,' Hyukjae said matter-of-factly and Donghae laughed. 'Come here,' he opened his arms.

Stepping forward, Donghae rested his head on Hyukjae's chest. To his credit, he only blushed a little when Hyukjae slipped the blanket off his shoulders, letting it pool at his feet as Hyukjae's hands roamed across his back. 'Feels nice.'

'Feels nice that Yunho is going to kill me?'

'No, I'm saying that you feel nice.'

Hyukjae hummed his agreement, dropping a kiss on Donghae's shoulder as they ignored the muffled thumps coming from the living room.

'For the record, if I die tomorrow, I want you to know that I love you very very much.'

'You're not going to die, Yunho wouldn't kill his little brother.'

Donghae scoffed. 'Please, if he killed you, he'd have to kill me too.'

Hyukjae paused. 'I do believe that's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me.' They laughed and Hyukjae patted Donghae's butt fondly. 'I love you too. And I know I'm going to die tomorrow, so please please please do give me one more orgasm before I die.'

'You're a terrible person,' Donghae kicked him in the shin.

Hyukjae pouted, 'A terrible person who is going to die horny and alone if you don't help me.'

Donghae walked them back to the bed, settling in comfortably in Hyukjae's lap. 'I'm going to help you, even though my back hurts, because I'm such a nice person.'

Hyukjae caressed his neck tenderly, softly and Donghae's playful mood faltered for a moment, overcome by his sappiness. 'I'm going to love you for the rest of my life.'

Donghae pecked his nose gently. 'Well, since the rest of your life is going to be the next twelve hours, I say we get to it right now.'

Hyukjae laughed, the rich sound of it filling the room and tumbled Donghae to the bed, rolling over him and throwing his shirt off into the corner of the room. Kissing Donghae deeply, he smiled as Donghae's hands stroked down his back and hooked onto the waistband of his boxers.

Donghae broke the kiss, biting into his full lip. 'You know, I feel the same way right? For the rest of my life?'

Hyukjae nodded and reached over to link their hands together again, nudging his way between Donghae's legs.

'I like the sound of that.'

Here's to the rest of our lives.

A/N: And I'm done :D I told you the fluff spilt over into the porn haha. I'm glad you guys stuck with me through all these chapters. I meant to have this as a one shot I don't know what happened. There's definitely an epilogue coming up so look out for that! Thanks again for reading and commenting all of you <3
Tags: !fanfiction, fandom: super junior, fic: second childhood, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae
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