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Fic: Condition Of My Heart; Chapter One

Title:  Condition Of My Heart
Chapter: One
Previous Chapters: Prologue
Rating:  PG-13
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairings: Kyuhyun/Sungmin, other pairings to come
Summary: Kyuhyun realises that he likes Sungmin. What does he do about it? Deny it of course.

'I like girls. Girls with long legs and pretty faces and slim bodies. I like girls like this,' Kyuhyun holds up an album of SNSD, 'and this,' and an album of f(x).

'I like girls, not guys.' Kyuhyun dropped the albums and stabbed at the mirror. 'I like guys, oh crap what the heck did I just say, I like girls! Girls!'

'You have to convince yourself that you like girls? Confused much?' He spun around as he heard a small stifled giggle from the doorway.

Ryeowook lifted a hand to cover his wide grin.

'You know, I was convinced that I liked girls too.'

'Was?' Kyuhyun scratched at his head.

'Oblivious much?' Ryeowook walked out smiling broadly. 'Dinner's ready.'

They settled in around the kitchen table as Donghae looked up.

'What're you so happy about Wookie?'

'Kyuhyunnie was just telling me about how much he liked girls.'

Eeteuk choked as Yesung splashed soup onto an indignant Eunhyuk. Shindong gave a thumbs up and Heechul spat water into a weary Hankyung's face before sitting up chortling. Kyuhyun swore he didn't see the fleeting look on Sungmin's face before his features rearranged into a grin.

'That's not what I heard. What I heard was you calling out Heechul hyung's name in your sleep.'

Hankyung looked miffed while Heechul preened. 'That's cause I'm irresistable.'

'No it's cause you were strangling me with a pink feather boa when I refused to kneel down and call you Queen of the world.'

Heechul bared his teeth before stuffing his face grumpily with rice. Donghae and Eunhyuk clutched at each other laughing while Kangin held up an aggrieved Eeteuk, failing to hide his smile. Siwon patted soothingly at a hysterical Hankyung on his shoulder. Sungmin upset his rice bowl laughing, as Kyuhyun grinned back at the sight of his roomate chuckling away.

Why is my heart beating so fast?


Eeteuk opened the door, went in and rapped a gaming Kyuhyun on the head.

'Ow! Hyung!'

'You might be the maknae. But you're still an idiot. A caring umma like me has the right to tell you that.' Eeteuk unplugged the computer from the power socket.

'Hyung! I played four hours for that!' Kyuhyun tugged at his hair in despair.

'Get off your butt, get out there and do something. You like Sungmin, then go get Sungmin.'

'I like girls.'

Eeteuk snorted. 'Sure, right. And Heechul listens to me when I speak.'

Kyuhyun lunged for the computer cord in Eeteuk's hand. Eeteuk sat down on the bed, away from Kyuhyun's clutches.

'Look,' Eeteuk's expression softened. 'I know you're probably confused right now and don't want to admit to anything. But when you're ready to talk, let me know.'

Eeteuk got up from his seat.

'Oh by the way, my laptop died and my charger is spoilt so I'm borrowing yours to charge my laptop. I'll return the cord to you tomorrow! Sleep early!'

Eeteuk ran for it.

Kyuhyun's outraged yell could be heard all the way to the first floor.

A/N: Wow a fast update haha. I am excited for this story cause it seems so fun to write. But from here on it'll probably take longer cause I'll write proper chapters instead of short stuff like this. Thank you readers!

EDIT: I have made a formspring for people who'd like to ask me questions, anonymously or not :) It can also be used to request for fics. Please leave your name or username if you require a spot!
Any other specific details you require:

Tags: !fanfiction, fandom: super junior, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin
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