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Fic: Second Childhood; Nine

Second Childhood; Nine
PG-13; EunHae; Fluff/Romance
They met just as little boys do, over action figurines and imaginary explosions. What they don't expect is for it to last.

A/N: Part of a double update! Unbeta-d >.<

The door slid open to the delicious aroma of simmering soup and steamed rice and Donghae inhaled greedily, hand unconsciously tightening in Hyukjae's as he breathed in deeply. He scratched at his neck absently, feeling the slow start of the sunburn beginning to itch already.

'Well there you two are,' Yunho said from behind the kitchen counter, eyeing Hyukjae as the both of them walked in. 'Got lost?'

'Or got busy?' Kyuhyun spoke up from where he was sprawled over the couch playing games.

Sungmin walked over and dropped his weight right in the small of Kyuhyun's back and smiled serenely as Kyuhyun choked, the PSP flying out of his hands immediately. 'You're not helping with dinner,' he said pleasantly as Kyuhyun squirmed under him. 'If you don't help, you don't get to eat.'

Kyuhyun grumbled, 'Hyukjae and Donghae aren't helping.'

'That's because they have important stuff to do, like possibly have sex on the beach?' Sungmin raised an eyebrow, waggling it mischieviously.

Donghae, Hyukjae and Yunho all choked simultaneously. Yunho put down his spoon immediately, unwilling to contaminate the kimchi stew that he had been brewing for the past hour. Hyukjae covered his mouth amusedly as he watched the red flush spread across Donghae's face, listening and stifling his laughter as Donghae stammered out excuses about slow walks on the beach. His boyfriend was really too cute.

'Hyukjae, tell them!' Donghae whined as he spun around petulantly.

'I don't know what you're talking about,' he slid a hand around Donghae's waist, yanking him flush against him. 'I have sand in places that shall not be named.' Hyukjae grinned as Donghae hit him in the chest. It was so worth it.

Sungmin laughed delightedly, patting a red Donghae on the head as he went over to check on the cooking rice. Donghae pouted. He pressed closer to Hyukjae, his flush not abating as he whispered, 'I hate you. I said I loved you earlier but I lied. You are the worst person on earth.'

'No you don't.'

'Yes I do.'

'No you - fucking hell!'

Donghae blinked at the sudden profanity and the pillow that had come flying out of nowhere. Turning to follow Hyukjae's murderous gaze, Donghae raised his eyebrow at Kyuhyun. He should have known. Donghae started laughing uncontrollably, flashing Kyuhyun a thumbs up which he returned with a snide smile and returned back to his games. 'I got the last word. You lose, I win.'

Sungmin rolled his eyes as he set out the utensils around the small kitchen counter where they would have their dinner. 'Stop bickering you love-sick children, and come sit down for dinner,' he commanded. They all followed dutifully but Hyukjae yanked Donghae back for a split second, causing the latter to stumble a little and look confusedly up at Hyukjae.

'You may have won the battle,' Hyukjae whispered silkily into Donghae's ear, causing him to shiver. 'But we'll see who wins the war later, yes?' He looked up and smiled, calling out in his normal voice as he pulled Donghae along to the small kitchen. 'So what's for dinner?'

A small voice in the back of Donghae's head whispered that he wanted Hyukjae's dinner to be him. He gulped and stuffed a spoonful of steaming white rice into his mouth and hoped that the four concerned looks regarding his red face could be attributed to the hot food.

Hyukjae's all-knowing smile sent another anticipating shiver down his back.


Sungmin watched as Donghae and Kyuhyun did the dishes, grumbling the whole time about wrinkled hands and deadly industrial soap and he rapped the countertop with the spatula he was holding. 'Stop complaining you babies, you have to do your part around here.'

'But Yunho hyung! And Hyukjae!' Donghae whined as he plunged his hands into the soapy water for the umpteenth time.

'Hyukjae is our guest here and Yunho helped to cook dinner. You two did nothing, nothing,' Sungmin hissed the last word and Kyuhyun sulkily dried off a bowl. 'You two'd be eating Cheetos and kimchi off the floor without me around.'

'At least we'd be happy,' Kyuhyun whispered under his breath and Donghae giggled, looking up to catch sight of Sungmin's stern face again before washing another set of chopsticks.

Hyukjae leaned against the railing of the porch overlooking the beach, watching fondly through the screen doors as the three bickered and placed his cold bottle of soda against his brow. Yunho was facing the other direction, looking outwards onto the beach. There was simply companionable silence between them, with the occasional 'Yah!' emanating from inside the house.

Hyukjae chuckled and Yunho looked over, sharing a smile with him.

'You know,' Yunho spoke up. 'I really didn't approve of you when I first came back to school.' He cocked his head and Hyukjae nodded to indicate that he was listening. 'Donghae told me about you of course, we texted and emailed and stuff when I was away. I was happy for him, but I wanted to reserve judgment until I came back and saw you for myself you know?'

Hyukjae said nothing, simply nodding at appropriate times. He sensed that this was Yunho's final assessment of him and if he said the wrong thing at the wrong time, he knew Yunho would be against him forever from this point.

'And then we came back and we were busy with the showcase and everything, I guess we never had a chance to meet. Oh, he showed me pictures of course, Donghae was too excited not to. Did you know he carried around that Wolverine figurine everywhere? And I do mean everywhere.'

A smile spread across Hyukjae's face and his heart clenched in his chest. Biting his lip to keep from smiling too wide, Hyukjae nodded again. 'Yeah I know. I did the same.'

Yunho snorted. 'Figures. Two idiots in love. No offence,' he raised his hands. 'I've known Donghae since we were kids. But the boy's a lovesick fool.' They laughed together and Hyukjae took another sip of his soda. A dog barked in the distance and Yunho peered over the railings interestedly before resuming. 'It's nice to know that you're a lovesick fool too.'

There was a crashing sound coming from the kitchen and Sungmin's raised voice was heard but they ignored it since they only heard Kyuhyun's protesting voice and Donghae's giggles.

'I'm sorry that I met you right when your big fight happened. Maybe my impression of you wouldn't have been so bad if we had met before, or after.'

'Maybe,' Hyukjae started slowly. 'But I'm glad you were there all the same. My jaw hurt like fuck, but at least Donghae had someone to take care of him.'

Yunho looked at him with something akin to respect but it faded quickly and was replaced with his usual stoic demeanour. 'You pack a pretty good punch too.' Hyukjae raised his bottle in thanks. 'I guess what I'm trying to say is, just make Donghae happy, okay? And I promise to stop glaring at you like I'm going to throttle you in your sleep, mostly.'

Hyukjae choked. 'You wanted to throttle me in my sleep?'

'For awhile,' Yunho said thoughtfully, turning to face the house, leaning against the railings like Hyukjae. 'You were always going to be the guy that broke Donghae's heart you know? The kid's fragile, not physically, but emotionally. He gives too much of himself to others and leaves too little for himself, it's easy to get hurt like that. It's why I've always been so fond of him, and protective.'

A sudden spark of jealousy sprang up in the back of Hyukjae's mind and he hesitated before plunging ahead. 'You two have never … ?'

'Oh no,' Yunho laughed and the spark was quenched immediately. 'I'm straight and he's my little brother. Which is why, if I ever see him crying again because of you and it's not because you showed up on his doorstep with a big sparkling engagement ring, I will throttle you in your sleep.' The words were pleasant, hiding the underlying current of menace and Hyukjae gulped at the smile on Yunho's face.

'Duly noted.'

'Hey,' Donghae slid the door back and padded out in bare feet. 'What are you guys talking about?'

'Nothing,' Yunho patted his head fondly as Donghae wrinkled his nose. 'Just having some conversation.'

A very life-threatening one, Hyukjae thought as Donghae slipped his hand around his waist and leaned into his side. Smiling at Donghae and pressing a kiss to his red nose, Hyukjae listened to Donghae's giggle and figured it was worth dealing with the scary bodyguard if it meant he could have the princess.

Donghae eyed Yunho suspiciously while the latter shrugged innocently. Ignoring him after, he leaned up to kiss Hyukjae when Yunho groaned. They broke apart to look at him accusingly and he raised his hands in surrender.

'Don't mind me,' Yunho waved a hand. 'It's still going to take some getting used to.'

'Get used to this then,' Donghae turned and wrapped his arms around Hyukjae's neck and dragging him down for a long kiss. Hyukjae nearly dropped his bottle of soda in surprise. On the other hand, Yunho cursed and hurtled through the doorway, heading for the kitchen in a mild panic. Hyukjae laughed into Donghae's mouth, lifting him off his feet for a split-second.

Life was good.


Hyukjae yawned and tied the drawstrings of his sweatpants as he ambled out of the room he shared with Donghae. He shrugged uncomfortably as his still damp hair dripped some water down his back. It was dark enough that he could barely see the furniture around him but he didn't want to flip on the lights and disturb anyone. That was a bad idea since he ended up kicking the sofa, cursing and hopping around in pain.

The lights flipped off and he blinked in pain. Hyukjae's eyes watered up and he sat down on the floor.

'Hyukjae?' Sungmin peered at him curiously from over the sofa. 'What are you doing on the floor?'

'I kicked the sofa,' Hyukjae said pitifully.

Sungmin laughed in his face.

Hyukjae stood up shakily, making his way to the refrigerator to get a jug of water for his room. 'What are you doing out here?'

'Same as you, getting some water.' Sungmin pulled out a bottle, since he only needed water for one.

Hyukjae hesitated before returning his room, wanting to ask Sungmin something but not sure how he should go about doing it. 'Hyung, I - '

Sungmin looked at him, sipping from the bottle he held. 'Spit it out.'

'Are the rooms soundproofed?' Hyukjae's eyes widened and he slapped his hand over his mouth. He had wanted to ask something to that effect but he hadn't expected his brain to fail him and be so straightforward about it. Donghae was going to kill him if he knew he told Sungmin.

Sungmin stared at him before bursting into laughter. Walking over, he ruffled Hyukjae's hair. 'So cute, so young, so straightforward, so shy,' he cooed. 'But yes, they are soundproofed. Well, adequately enough but if you get too loud I can't promise you anything.'

Hyukjae flushed a deep dull red and Sungmin laughed at him again. 'Please don't tell anyone, Hae would kill me. We're not even sure about - well - I don't know if we're gonna - '

Sungmin shushed him while muffling his quiet giggles. 'It's fine, it's normal isn't it? You guys have been dating a long time. And I knew you guys weren't having sex on the beach, you guys weren't sandy enough.' Sungmin drank some more water. 'I won't tell anyone, especially not Yunho. The boy would have an aneurysm on the spot. Take care of Donghae,' he leaned forward and winked suggestively and Hyukjae shoved him aside playfully to walk back to his room with a red face.

Placing the jug on the table and settling on the bed comfortably, Hyukjae twisted his hands uncomfortably while thinking. He knew this was coming, it was normal progression for a relationship. But he still didn't want to rush Donghae into anything. What if Donghae regretted ever getting back together with him in the future? Would he forgive him for this?

His thoughts were interrupted as the bathroom door unlocked and Donghae stepped out, sending a rush of hot air into the room before the air-conditioner balanced out the temperature. He rubbed at his damp hair shyly with the towel. Hyukjae patted the bed and Donghae climbed onto it, handing Hyukjae the towel. Hyukjae rubbed the towel through his hair slowly, combing the hair through his fingers as Donghae hummed contentedly, feeling Hyukjae's fingers massage his scalp soothingly.

'Sleepy?' Hyukjae wondered if he could delay the talk for another day. Sungmin had reminded him that Yunho would probably maim him permanently if he knew what Hyukjae wanted to do to his little brother and he had forgotten that he was right next door. All he had to do was knock and Hyukjae would be buried six feet underground when he found out.

Donghae hummed his acknowledgment, closing his eyes and leaning back into Hyukjae's touch.

Hyukjae tossed the towel aside, easing them down onto the bed. He placed his hand on Donghae's waist, pinching at the sweatpants and tugging until Donghae turned to face him. 'Sleep,' Hyukjae whispered.

Donghae's eyes fluttered shut as he shifted closer on the pillow, breath feathering out over Hyukjae's face. 'We were - supposed to talk though,' he yawned. 'You're distracting me.'

'We could talk another time.'

'I want to talk now,' Donghae pouted.

Hyukjae winced but nodded. 'Okay, that's okay. We can talk now too.'

Donghae smiled happily, pillowing his head on his hand as he stared at Hyukjae. 'Well I just think we should, you know - '

Hyukjae thought for a bit. 'No I don't know. What should we do?'

Donghae hit him in the chest again and Hyukjae laughed. He would never get tired of teasing Donghae. 'What? I really don't know.'

'Have se - sex,' Donghae whispered really softly and Hyukjae leaned in closer.

'I'm sorry, I didn't hear that.'

'You did,' Donghae said plaintively and Hyukjae instinctively tugged him closer because he knew a pout was forming. 'And I said sex. I know you heard me.'

'Well, do you think now is the right time?'

'You don't?'

'Well I always pictured it sort of differently.'

'Like how?'

'I always pictured it a little bit more romantic, with nobody else in the house you know? Without Yunho there to kill me in the morning or with more candles. Both works.'

Donghae smothered a laugh but nodded, 'Yunho hyung would beat you to a bloody pulp.'

'And you still want to have sex now? I thought you loved me.' It was Hyukjae's turn to pout now.

'I'm really impatient,' Donghae stroked a finger down Hyukjae's arm and he shivered involuntarily. 'Hyukjae please, this is what I want and this is when we can actually do it. I just really want you.'

Hyukjae's pout morphed into a feral smirk and he leaned into Donghae's personal space, ignoring the squeak from his boyfriend. 'You want me huh?' His fingers pushed Donghae's shirt up an inch or two, rough fingers brushing across soft skin and eliciting a shudder. ''You think I'm sexy.' He lifted a foot to toe at Donghae's calves gently, touching skin where he could push up the sweatpants and smirking at the gasp. 'Are you sure you're ready for me?'

He leaned in closer then, ready to kiss Donghae there and then, 'Shall we have sex on the beach?'

Donghae had been steadily edging his head further back, unsure of the new Hyukjae he had been presented with and with the last comment, he shrieked, bringing his legs up to kick at Hyukjae in mortification. He kicked out as Hyukjae laughed helplessly, hands going to protect his groin area. 'No we can't! The whole world would see! And I don't want - ,' Donghae had been trying to kick Hyukjae away with every word but yelped instead when he found himself moving backwards and falling off the bed instead.

Lunging forward, Hyukjae caught him by the arms, leaning over him in concern. 'Are you okay?'

'Yeah,' Donghae inhaled sharply, realising that Hyukjae's face was so close to his and his eyes darted down to his lips unconsciously. 'Can you - can you let me up now?'

'No, I think I rather like being in this compromising position.'

'Hyukjae! I can't move!'

'Exactly! You can't escape from me,' Hyukjae smirked before leaning down to nip at Donghae's bottom lip even as Donghae whimpered. 'Even when I do this,' Hyukjae pressed a quick kiss to Donghae's pout before pushing up his shirt to mouth gently at his sides. Donghae squirmed immediately, being ticklish but Hyukjae refused to let him escape, adding his hands to tickle him until Donghae was begging for mercy amidst his tears of laughter. He rather liked having Donghae at his mercy and it added weight to Donghae's argument. Hyukjae did want this. He wanted to pamper Donghae, to take care of him, to show him how much he loved him and to hear him screaming his name.

They manoeuvred themselves until they were back on their pillows again, cuddling and Hyukjae pulled the blanket over them, sighing at the warmth.

'You're ignoring our talk again.'

Hyukjae winced. 'How about not doing it tonight? We're both tired from a really long day and I'd rather not fall asleep on the most exciting and nerve-wrecking day of my life.'

'You mean our lives. But okay. Tomorrow?' Donghae yawned.

Hyukjae wasn't sure if you could schedule these things but he nodded anyway. Maybe he could find some way to kick the other three out of the house in the evening so he could have Donghae to himself. And figure out a way to cook a semi-romantic dinner because he was a secret sap at heart and he knew Donghae was too. 'I love you baby.'

Donghae snuffled his response into Hyukjae's shirt, already drifting off and Hyukjae smiled as he felt Donghae's hands grip onto his shirt tightly.

He'd kick them all out of the house one by one by himself if he had to.

Tomorrow night was for him and Donghae.


Hyukjae woke up to the smell of frying eggs and he sniffed hungrily just as his stomach gave the loudest growl it ever did. The sun hurt his eyes and he turned instinctively, since Donghae was lying on his arm and he couldn't lift them to shield his eyes. Donghae shifted in his sleep and Hyukjae winced, partly because Donghae was lying on his now numb arm and partly because he didn't want to jostle Donghae awake.

It didn't work and Hyukjae smiled, watching Donghae slowly blink his way awake. He couldn't resist kissing Donghae's nose as he wrinkled it. 'Good morning sunshine.'

The sound was a cross between a moan and a groan and Donghae flipped onto his front to bury his face into the pillow. 'It's too early.'

'It's actually,' Hyukjae grabbed at his phone, peering down at it. 'Nine in the morning.'

'We're on holiday. No one should be awake before noon.'

'Do you want to lie in bed until it's noon then?' Hyukjae walked his fingers up Donghae's back slowly, drinking in the sight of skin that had gotten revealed as Donghae had moved around in sleep. He traced random patterns in the small of his back, before filled with an immense surge of affection, he leaned forward and placed a wet kiss there.

There was a sound and Hyukjae stared at Donghae curiously. 'Did you just moan?'

Donghae stilled, hesitating. 'No?'

'You did!' Hyukjae tried to flip him over, laughing as he fought to catch a glimpse of Donghae's face. Even from this angle, he could tell that Donghae was red in the fact and he patted his hair fondly, pressing a soft kiss to the back of neck. Donghae made the sound again and Hyukjae dissolved into laughter, clutching at his sides. He didn't deny that he was partly turned on, he wondered what it would be like listening to Donghae make the sounds over and over again. 'Come on, look at me baby. I promise I'll stop laughing.'

Donghae scoffed, before finally flipping over and sitting up slowly.

'Aww baby don't be shy.'

'It's not my fault,' Donghae picked up the pillow and hit Hyukjae with it. 'You were teasing me.'

'And you were turned on.'

'Was not!'

'Don't deny it, I'm pretty sure I'll hear it again tonight, yes?'

Donghae opened his mouth to deny it again when Hyukjae placed a finger on his lips. The simple touch radiated warmth throughout his body and Donghae relaxed instantly. He had been lying when he said he wasn't turned on. He was so edgy that a simple touch from Hyukjae set his body aflame. He wasn't sure why he was reacting like this. Donghae knew his boyfriend was an incredibly sexy man. But what if his boyfriend didn't think the same way? Hyukjae kept putting it off, maybe he was the only one who wanted this bad. Then he would change in an instant and act all flirty and sexy. Donghae was confused to say the least.

'You do want me, right?' Donghae still couldn't help but be uncertain.

Hyukjae wrapped an arm around Donghae's midsection from where he was still lying on the bed, nuzzling close. 'Everyday,' he promised. 'Now let's get up, I smell eggs.'

They stumbled out of the room groggily, giggling and grabbing at each other playfully. It took Donghae almost twenty seconds to realise that it was Kyuhyun cooking the eggs instead of Sungmin or Yunho. His jaw fell open and Hyukjae skidded into his back, throwing out an arm to keep the both of them upright. 'You cook?' Donghae blurted out.

'Of course I cook, what kind of dumb question is that?'

Hyukjae cleared his throat and Kyuhyun hurriedly amended his statement. 'I woke up early because of the sun and no one else was up, so I had to make my own food.'

Hyukjae stared him down again until Kyuhyun sighed. 'Do you want some?' He gestured to the frying pan reluctantly and Donghae climbed into the counter seats eagerly.

'Yes please, I've never had food cooked by you before!'

'That's because this is the first time I'm cooking in front of you, idiot,' Kyuhyun mumbled lowly and Hyukjae passed him to smack him on the head. He scowled but cracked two eggs into the pan anyway before popping two pieces of bread into the toaster.

The door opened and Sungmin poked his head around it, surprisingly perky in the morning and he bounced out of his room to the kitchen as well. 'Wow, Kyuhyun cooking breakfast for me, I could get used to this.'

'Don't,' Kyuhyun grouched but he slid an egg onto Donghae's plate. Reaching for another egg, he cracked it into the pan, watching sullenly as the egg white bubbled. Donghae forked up the egg onto his warm toast happily, munching away.

Sungmin leaned across to talk to Hyukjae subtly. 'So how was last night? You guys were, pretty quiet.'

Hyukjae stole a glance at where Donghae was arguing for Kyuhyun to toss him some butter. 'We didn't do it.'

'Oh,' Sungmin nodded. 'Did you guys chicken out?'

'No, we were too tired,' Hyukjae lowered his voice even more. 'Do you think you could get the other two out of the house tonight?'

'What's in it for me?'

'Please hyung!' Hyukjae pleaded. Sungmin simply looked at him impassively as Kyuhyun slid an egg onto Hyukjae's plate. 'Fine, I'll pay for the rest of the food expenses we incur here.'

'That's so sweet of you,' Sungmin patted his cheek fondly and clapping his hands happily. 'Today's gotten so much better already.'

Donghae watched them confusedly as he finished off his toast but shrugged. All his friends were weird anyway. Hyukjae slumped to the counter in agony over his wallet.

A/N: I wrote so much fluff I have a headache lol.
Tags: !fanfiction, fandom: super junior, fic: second childhood, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae
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