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Fic: Condition Of My Heart; Chapter Four

Title:  Condition Of My Heart
Chapter: Four
Rating:  PG-13
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairings: Kyuhyun/Sungmin mainly
Summary: Kyuhyun realises that he likes Sungmin. What does he do about it? Deny it of course.
A/N: In my world, or rather, the world of this fic, they all live on one floor.

Previous Chapters: Prologue / One / Two / Three

Eeteuk caught hold of Heechul's arm and dragged him into his room. The latter struggled but couldn't resist the iron grip that was cutting off all the blood to his lower arm. There was a world of difference between Eeteuk's strength and Heechul's strength. For evidence, refer to photos for Bonamana. Donghae, Eunhyuk and Ryeowook looked on forlornly from where they sat around the dinner table, knowing full well not to interfere when the leader was in one of his moods.

Heechul shook off Eeteuk's hand as his lip curled dangerously into a snarl.

'What the hell is wrong with you!'

'What did you do?'

'What, it's my fault now? It's not my fault that two of our band members screwed up their own love lives. They did perfectly well on their own.'

'What did you do!' Eeteuk yelled, fists clenched tightly at his sides.

'Keep your voice down.' Heechul hissed. 'Sungmin is sleeping in my room next door.'

'Sungmin! Exactly!' Eeteuk pointed fingers at Heechul. 'Don't tell me you don't see Sungmin with Sunny nowadays? Or Kyuhyun wasting his eyes away in front of that blasted computer all the time that we're not at practice, only eating when Ryeowook or I bring food in?' Eeteuk paced around his room agitatedly and flapped his arms at Heechul rolling his eyes. 'How can you be so calm about this Heechul! What did Sungmin tell you! And what did you tell Sungmin to do!'

'First of all, stop shouting you ass. You're going to bring the whole band in here, including Sungmin and that gamer idiot. Second of all, I didn't do anything. I provided a room for him away from Kyuhyun. Whatever he's doing, it's all him.' Heechul glared at Eeteuk for a moment before lowering his voice. 'Look whatever it is, it's between them. If we interfere it's just going to mess everything up even more. That's that and you know it. They just have to muddle through on their own.'

The door burst open and Hankyung shoved in with a half crazed look, before Kangin pushed him over, fell ontop of him and sat there with a slightly dazed sheen over his eyes. Eeteuk gave a wholly undignified squeak while Heechul rolled his eyes yet again. 'Told you so. Two out of twelve at least.'

'We were supposed to say something weren't we?'

'Were we? I forgot when some elephant fell on me!' Hankyung scissored his legs and flipped Kangin over with a scowl.

'I remember I remember! Teukie and Heechul hyung, don't fight!' Kangin held his arms out dramatically.

'We already stopped.' Eeteuk raised his eyebrows.

'Oh.' Cue awkward shuffling. The miracle of 1.3 billion people rolled his eyes. 'I just wanted to make sure that nobody died. Now that that's done.' He caught hold of Kangin's collar and dragged him out without any further ado. Eeteuk and Heechul looked at each other awkwardly before Eeteuk motioned to Heechul's arm and managed a strangled 'Sorry.'

'It's alright. You will just have the Petals to deal with when I reveal the bruises on Youngstreet.' Heechul flounced out. 'Geng! Lend me a sleeveless shirt will you?'



Kyuhyun's lip twisted as he saw Sungmin leaving the room with Sunny instead of eating with the band. It had been a week since their falling out of sorts and not a word had been spoken between them since. A jab in the gut prodded him to look up at Eunhyuk motioning for him to eat, anxiety reflected in his eyes. He shook his head, though his stomach growled threateningly, betraying its owner. When was the last time he ate again? Right, yesterday night, when Ryeowook had made some bibimbap because he couldn't stomach the smell of the jajangmyun.

'Kyuhyun-ah, where are you going? You didn't touch your kimbap.'

'I'm not hungry, Wookie.'

Ten pairs of eyes followed him as he shuffled to the door and slipped out noiselessly, almost like a sliver of smoke. Eeteuk rested his head on Kangin's shoulder.

'Youngwoon-ah, my babies.' He closed his eyes. 'They're falling apart.'

'It'll be alright babo. Don't worry, you're going to make yourself sick.' But even he didn't sound very reassured by his own words.

Kyuhyun rubbed his fingers over the bandage of his other hand complusively as he paced the corridors of the building. Over and over again, he imagined that he was grinding on the skull of a certain person.

Sungmin. Sunny. Sungmin. Me. Sungmin. Upset. Crying. My fault. Sunny. Slut. Why me? Why Sungmin? Go find another oppa. Why can't I like girls?

He kicked the wall in frustration and would have punched the wall as well, had he not remembered at the last moment that his knuckles were still sore. He growled and let out a angry yell. Several new trainees scuttled away hurriedly from him as he bared his teeth. Rule number two in every trainee's book: stay clear of an angry Kyuhyun. Heechul was golden rule number one, obviously. Faint voices and sounds were emitted from the door on his right and he crept silently to it. He gently placed his ear onto the smooth wood and listened intently.

'Oppa I have to go now. The unnies will be wondering where I went.'

'Let them wonder. I need you Sunkyu-ah. Please.'

'Just one more time then.' A small sigh accompanied with a laugh.

Kyuhyun began to regret peeking through the small door window as his eyes went wide at the sight of Sungmin hugging Sunny tight to him like a second skin, burying his head in her long tresses as she rubbed her hands gently up and down his back. They remained like that for a long while, and their intimacy shot Kyuhyun right through his heart. It caught in his throat as he turned noiselessly to run.

He ran out of the building and down the street. Passing by the busier streets and turning into the maze of alleyways that they had always used to evade the fans, he ran blindly as his feet moved on their own accord. Kyuhyun felt water hitting his face, and looked up to the sky, expecting to see a overcast sky with thunderclouds but all he saw was the sun shining brightly, mocking his own unhappiness. He lifted his hands to his face and realised he was crying.

Kyuhyun never cried.


'I don't know what happened between you guys but you two are going to have to suck it up and do something about it before the fans explode over why there's no more KyuMin interaction  during performances nowadays. I don't care what you do, I don't care if you have to scream at each other. You can cry in each other's arms for all I freaking care. Just do something!' Their first manager stomped out of the office where two figures sat with their heads bowed. Kyuhyun turned his head a fraction to his right and saw that Sungmin's cheeks had a tinge of pink to it.

'Hyung, about the other day - '

'Don't worry about it Kyuhyun-ah.' came the whisper of an answer.

'No I want to make it clear hyung. Hyung! Listen to me!' Kyuhyun was on his feet shouting at Sungmin's retreating back.

'Why should I Kyuhyun-ah?' Sungmin lifted his head, expression contorted into one of utmost misery. 'You've never listened to me before.'


'Something has to be done. We can't just leave them to figure it out like Heechul hyung said.'

'That was what I recommended, I didn't tell you to follow my orders!'

A loud snort. 'Like anybody dares to defy you.'


'Based on their stubborn personalities, Super Junior could disband and they still wouldn't have resolved this.'

'Only Kyuhyun is stubborn. Sungmin was hurting that's why he refuses to talk to Kyu. But now both of them are hurting.'

'I say we buy them a turtle each.'

'How will that help!'

'Well, when they both ignore their turtles, I get to rescue them and keep them with Ddangkoma.' This earned the person a few smacks on the back of his head.

'If you don't have anything constructive to say, don't say it! You over there, don't say anything involving aliens as well.'

'I wasn't going to! I was going to suggest that we - '

Whispers abounded between the ten heads huddled together as the plan was laid out.

A long pause.

'That's actually a pretty good idea. Coming from alien boy no less' Looks of admiration were passed.


'And then I have to clean up the mess when they start throwing things at each other!'

'We'll all help Wookie, it seems like this is the best plan there is.'

'That's cause it is the only plan there is.'

A/N: Okay I ended this really crappily. This chapter is like the filler between the more climatic chapters I guess, so it's kinda shorter than normal? Haha. And I forsee this story ending in two chapters or so unless another plot bunny decides to pop up from under its rock. I LOVE ALL YOU AWESOME READERS.

P.S Don't be hating on Sunny. It's not her fault!

P.P.S I'm really interested to write a multi-chaptered AU fic for Super Junior with cameos by other bands. Any ideas people?

Any other specific details:
(Anonymous requests are allowed)

Tags: !fanfiction, fandom: super junior, pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin
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